Nia Azam Foundation As an independent humanitarian and development organisation,we strive to make the world a better and fairer place for the three billion people still living in poverty.we are here to helped millions of the Pakistan poorest and most vulnerable people.
We envision a world where individuals are empowered, social responsibilities are fulfilled and people
understand the suffering of others alike.
Our projects provide poor people with access to vital services. We protect communities from disasters and deliver life-saving emergency aid. We provide lasting routes out of poverty, and empower vulnerable people to transform their lives and their communities.

We will make women skilled so that they can live without need, we will give the modern education to the orphans that they are entitled to, we will build hospitals where the pain is shared, we will provide water that lives We will strive to provide employment so that every citizen can live a
dignified life.

Helping Humanity is our Commitment